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Mike Harris

Someone Clue ME in BIOS

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After research I am finding that the ADAM BIOS? or Smart Writer? was on a TMS47128 Read Only Rom or you can use a 2764 Eprom.


So the 2754 is 8k? and the 47128 is 16K.  My R80 version has 3 2764's and 4 sockets.


I know R80 is just the Smart Writer version number and I reference that as the last public release even though I have a higher version.


So how does all of this fit together.

3 Chips combined equals the total product?
2 Bios and 1 Smart Writer?

1 Bios and 2 Smart Writer?
Or are they all 3 Smart Writer with the EOS on the Coleco Board?


I mean I do not mind using eproms, I just want it all to work.
I eventually want to experiment on improving the BIOS for release to the public, maybe fixing a bug or two.

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Seems I am answering my own questions.

I can replace the BIOS which is on the Delta Board with a 27C64 EPROM and altered BIOS.

The Roms on the Gamma Board are the Smart Writer which I can replace with 27C64's as well

Seriously, if I am wrong on anything let me know.

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There are instructions on replacing the Colecovision BIOS in the ADAM on the ADAM Facebook page by John Lundy.


The ROMs on the Gamma Board are for Smartwriter and EOS.


You might get more traction on these posts if they were in the main Colecovision/ADAM forum instead of in Colecovision Programming.


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