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FS: Fully recapped Sega Game Gear with PSU, Ni-Cad charger, Sonic 2 and case *SOLD*

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I started recapping a few Game Gear consoles lately (as every one I came across was completely dead) and the few that didn't suffer complete annihilation due to leaking capacitors and were saved went to my daughter, one for myself, and I have one here to sell. It has been completely recapped with brand new quality capacitors. All old leaking caps were removed and the areas cleaned thoroughly before the brand new caps were added. The mainboard, sound board and PSU board have all been recapped.


The Game Gear now works like brand new. Sound is super loud, the screen adjust is super bright. The cart slot has been thoroughly cleaned and games always work fine, first try. The unit is in excellent condition but does have the general scratch or nick here and there that you would come to expect with a 30 year old handheld. Still, it is in really great shape. The controls are just as responsive as when it was new. I have not replaced the screen glass as the third party replacements (while good) are not exactly the same as the original Sega glass. I know that means a lot to some people so I left it. The glass on this is the original Sega piece...and honestly it looks fine so my opinion is to leave it!


The set includes cart only of Sonic 2, original PSU for the game gear, a Ni-CAD "power pack" (which is dead...but you can buy a new battery for this and easily swap it) and a third party zipper case that probably can use a good cleaning.


$80 shipped takes the set (USA shipping only) If you are looking for a good reliable Game Gear without any hassle this is the one. PM! 





2019-09-01 23.35.57.jpg

2019-09-02 01.13.34.jpg

2019-09-02 01.14.03.jpg

2019-09-02 01.14.16.jpg

2019-09-02 01.15.45.jpg

2019-09-02 01.16.13.jpg

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7 hours ago, SpotAnime said:

Dang, was going to respond to this. Too late for me!

That happens to me sometimes, so I know that feel. As I told @eightbit, it was very serendipitous for me to come across his post... barely a minute after he posted it!

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