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Atari Lynx High Score Club 2019 Round 3 - Pac-Land

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Atari Lynx high score club, this months game is Pac Land

Settings -

Trip number 1 - default

Lynx high score club record is -

317,040 by EricDeLee

Deadline to post scores is October 1st 2019 at 12PM EST

Final high scores -

PFG 9000 89,790 +11 points +3 points
Peyo 76,510 +10 points
S.BAZ 25,320 +9 points
roadrunner 24,230 +8 points
travistouchdown 20,830 +7 points
jblenkle 4,500 +6 points

Current season point standings -

Peyo 35 points
S.BAZ 30 points
jblenkle 26 points
travistouchdown 26 points
roadrunner 25 points
PFG 9000 14 points

Manual link


Any corrections please post



Edited by roadrunner

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controls of pacman are awful... but strange to see that i didnt forget how to play this game.


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got a bunch of ghosts all together for a feast, which accounts for most of my score.

(strange, I thought I already posted this)

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Finally made it over the falling logs but then drowned in the water; going to give this one another go or two before the end of the month!


Difficulty ramps up really quickly on this game!!  It's hard as nails considering it looks like it's for pre-schoolers...lol


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