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Ynxa - a new platformer for the Lynx

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It's time to create this topic for Ynxa, my new game for the Atari Lynx.

It is by far the biggest game I have released on Lynx at this time.

It was made during the past 3 months, for the 30th birthday Programming Competition hosted by Atari Gamer.


You start as a powerless leaf, who can just move left and right, but you will soon gain new abilities and power : jump / double jump, ability to transform into fire and shoot ennemies or explode, into water and go in tunnels or flood to escape from pits.

At the end of the prologue, when you get all the power, you will have access to the main game, and more than 20 tricky levels, where you will have to use all the powers you got during the prologue.


This a game with exploration, puzzle, traps (die & retry style).


To give you an idea, here is the hub for the prologue, with 9 doors :



A level is in fact a grid of 3x3 lynx screens you have to explore.

And here is what you get on lynx screen :



Just to show you what to expect in higher levels, here is the map of the level 20, the first of of the Path of Discovery :


Tip : you need to destroy the 2 wood boxes in order to access the exit door. To do so, you have to explore the level in order to approach the box with your fire avatar (the only one who can explode box).


I included in this post the latest version of the manual, you will find more information in it.


The game is best played on a device with save feature (Bernd's Flashcard, PCD with 128b eeprom or emulator with save feature) because you will probably not manage to end the game in a single session. And without save feature, you will have to restart from the beginning.


I really enjoyed every moment of coding and nearly every moment of level designing (well, in fact mostly every moment, or probably some of the moments :D). I hope you will also enjoy playing it.

This is also because the gaphics are really nice, I used freware Inca game assets from Kronbits and some free characters from Elthen collection (go check his works, there are many many more...).

Music is a placeholder given to me by Romu some month ago, so I hope final game will have a dedicated music, and sound effects.



Don't forget to also check the 10 (yes TEN) other games games sumitted for the contest, they are also great.


Albert and Atari Gamer have open a club on Atari Age to discuss about the game of the competition :


Ynxa manual.pdf

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I spent quite a while on this the night it was released on the competition site.  I was very impressed with it's complexity, level design, and size.  It was WAY more than I was expecting with a name like YNXA.  I thought it would be another puzzle game, but was very pleasantly surprised and blown away.  I eventually had to quit playing and since I was using the Saint SD cart, I wasn't able to save, but I look forward to tackling this game later.  So well done.

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I was playing this while on holiday, at least the early version, was quite impressed then. It's nice to see a game like this on the Lynx.

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For people who managed to go to the end. How long do you think you spent on the game ?


And whant do you think of some levels, like Path of Wisdom or Nihilism (did you succed them by luck or did you find the tricks ?) or Path of Reason and its somewhat different geometry ? Do they fit well in the game or do you think it's too much or not the spirit of the game ?

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