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GBSVGA Genie V2.0 In Development

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Since my 910mp SCART connection went belly up I have been using the GBS8200 interfaced with my GVBVGA Genie v1.0.  The picture was good, but there were a couple of issues that I wanted to see better.  Like when typing the characters did not appear to display correctly on the screen when initially typed but would resolve very quickly.  But enough for me to notice.  There was some video interference on certain colors and could be noticed when colors were solid like a backround of red.


so I decided to start looking into them.  The first thing I did was to use some copper tape on the back of the RAM traces.  This cleaned up the video interference pretty well, but still left the odd issues with the characters.


I found out separate firmware can be used with the GBS8200 and we don't have to rely on the internal firmware.  That got me looking into if anything was already out there we could use.  I found GBSControl which can be used on a variety of systems including old consoles and retro computers like the Geneve and Amiga.


The firmware is loaded on a ESP8266 Wifi device module and has it's on WEB UI to configure and load presets for systems.  I have been able to prove it out of the last few days and get it working with the Geneve.  It looks great on my 510mp at 640x480 and very good on my gaming monitors at multiple wide screen resolutions and even 1280 x 1024 and 640x480 when the widescreen monitor is set to 'square 4:30' ratio.


A debug pin has to be soldered onto the GBS8200/8220 unit to allow the new firmware to pull data for image position and timing adjustments.  a 4 pin connector also must be soldered in the reserved spot on the GBS board to provide 3.3v, Ground, SDA and SDL signals to the new firmware board.



So i am going to redesign the GBSVGA Genie to utilize this along with integrating the LM1881 sync separator as it already has.  This unit will wire up differently by 1 wire removed in order to work properly.  i'm going to see if I can kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak to allow for users that do not want to use the external firmware module to be able to still use it with the default GBS8200 firmware.


i'll post pictures soon and probably a video of it working.



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Here is a couple of pics of the Geneve Boot screen and in MDOS to see the clarity.


Also included is a photo of the web UI to configure it.  I currently have it set to 1280x1024 on a 4:3 setting for my 24" wide screen.








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so i modified one of my SCART Genie EVPC boards to work as the circuit will be.


in a good case and all for the GBS8200.







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