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Hi guys!

I and my friend decided to bring something new to you. The joystick. But we need some feedback before it.



We decided to find out a way how to make new Atari Joysticks and similar joysticks with 3D printer. We try to have as similar as possible construction for the same impression of playing games like the original old joysticks. But we have one thing in our construction different. Our Stick will be exchangeable and modulable. We will have more types of sticks and you can choose what type you want. Sticks will have different shape, size etc.


Our questions are:

  • 1) Is this idea interesting for you?
  • 2) Are you looking for some new joystick because your old was damaged?
  • 3) What types of sticks do you prefer? What joysticks do you like? What was your favourite joystick in 80/90's? ( CX40, QuickShot etc. )
  • 4) Would you like exchangeable stick at your joystick ( when you will get tired of the old type of stick you can simply change it for another one ) or you'd rather buy another new joystick when you want to exchange the stick?
  • 5) Is the autofire function important for you?
  • 6) How long stick movement do you prefer? ( short movement is like pressing a small button, long movement is like pressing a key on your keyboard )
  • 7) Do you like an idea that you can buy only the 3D data for your 3D printer and make it for your own?
  • 8) Do you have some tips why this idea doesn't make sense? For example you can buy really new QuickShot on Ebay etc.





We started when summer holidays of 2019 begins. You can see the first version on this picture which was done about month and half ago.


On the another pictures you can see actual and maybe final version of joystick's base. We have made exchangeable sticks too but we will publish them as present for you after some more feedbacks.





Thank you for your time, sharing and answers!

Best regards,

EnJoyStick Team



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Let me be the first with personal opinions

1. Very interesting to have a reliable supply of joysticks for 8-bits computers.

2. Yes, damaged joysticks are not easy to repair

3. Both CX40 like and let us say QuickShot II Turbo. In theory both are good models, but lack resilience. Especially CX-40 is fragile.

4. No, I would prefer fixed stick

5. It would be welcome, but not necessary. I would buy a decent joystick even without autofire

6. Short movement preferred.

7. No, I prefer finished product. I would be willing to pay for that, of course

8. No. There can be old-new stock, but its quality and reliability is always questionable.

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Plus if you have a modern fight stick that starts as discrete inputs and is easy to remove the Cthulhu the PS3 60 + the brook retro or the brook Universal and replace it you don't even need a PCB for the Atari 2600, just direct wiring in a DB 9 connector.

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