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New TI Basic game demo: City Hunter

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I've been working on this game on and off for a few months and would like to finish it soon. The game attempts to use parallax to create some depth perception. I recently figured out what the gameplay will be so I am pretty sure I can finish the game now.


The idea is a rather common scenario where you have to rescue people from a city under attack from alien ships. There is a flying saucer that hovers above your ship and takes the odd pot shot at your ship. There is also an alien ship chasing you through the city that also tries its luck.


In this demo you can fly around and get an idea of how the alien ship fly around too. That's about it for now.


The file is for Classic99 and the keys are EXSD for up, down, left and right. H is to move into the screen (further away from the viewer) and B to move outwards.



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