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All sorts of compact handheld racing controllers can be used on your PS4

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I've been contemplating what specialized handheld steering controllers are available for the PS4 to increase steering accuracy in PS4 racing games above and beyond what you get with the Dual Shock 4. Now I realize that a good number of you race with a force feedback wheel and this topic may not be geared toward you, but more toward someone who is looking for a more compact solution to enhance their racing game experience. 

Something I realized is that in this generation of consoles there's a real lack of specialized racing controllers... and it probably has something to do with people just either wanting to race with a legit steering wheel, or just pick up the very comfortable Dual Shock 4 controller and drive to their heart's content.

Back in the 90's specialized handheld racing controllers seemed to come out a few times a year, and even the PS2 generation saw a number of interesting controllers focused on helping you cut time off your Gran Turismo track laps being released. Many racing fans played their racing games with the Namco NeGcon, the Interact UltraRacer, the Fanatec Speedster, and the Gamester ProRacer 2.

When the PS3 generation hit, there was the HKS specialized racing controller with its analog dial, and the Sixaxis controller itself that helped you to steer with motion controls. Companies came out with wheel-shaped accessories to attach to your PS3 controller so you could race like Mario Karters were on the Wii.

In this generation, the Dual Shock 4 can be outfitted with an attachable wheel for the purpose of adding some realism to the motion control found in GT Sport, Wipeout Omega, and the Project Cars games.

There are some other options that some of you PS4 fans might not have heard of, though. I put together a little presentation that highlights the best options for compact handheld racing controllers and wanted to share it with you here today - hope some of you may benefit from the info:




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