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Rom for boulder dash

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I was asking to myself if we can get a rom file for this game since I have the boxed cartridge edition. Anyone can help?





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This thread has the details about why it's not available.


IIRC it has to do with how the agreements with the intellectual property owners work.

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Strange. Here is a copy of text from that thread.


When we've made back our investment, we will consider selling unprotected ROMs of non-licensed and some licensed games for use on the Jzintv emulator. Unfortunately, we won't be selling ROMS of Miner 2049er or Boulder Dash unprotected due to per copy license fees. 


Regardless of protection, Elektronite games such as Steamroller, Hover Bovver, Miner 2049er, The Lost Caves of Kroz and others in our library require features of the JLP cartridge that are only currently supported under Jzintv. So, if they do get an unprotected release, they will only work with Jzintv.


Fewer than 100 copies of Steamroller have sold (complete in box) so, we are a ways off of breaking even on all of the above titles except The Lost Caves of Kroz which is being given away as a free bonus for the purchase of any of the above ROMS. 

From what I recall, some games, one in particular is Boulder Dash, had strict limits on the number of copies on cartridge that could be sold, per-copy royalties, and additional restrictions, if not outright rejection, of ROM sales. Again, I am not completely certain about those details, only that some exist, and they make ROM sale either a financial loss, or impractical.

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5 hours ago, mr_me said:

They'd have to get permission from First Star Software to make more copies in any form.

That's right. BBG Entertainment now owns First Star Software and all rights to Boulder Dash. We recently purchased 25 ROM copies, and the rights to make 25 physical copies of Boulder Dash. We will be making those copies available of the game soon on cartridge, complete in box. 


Owning the game on cartridge is not a factor in obtaining the ROM. We protect our cartridges from being dumped and encrypt our roms. We do not currently sell unprotected roms of our games. The rights to sell D2K Arcade ROMS reverted to the programmer as part of our agreement so, although an Elektronite release, it is not part of what we control in the way of ROMS. 



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