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PFM+ for the Geneve

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I swapped the PFM+/SCSI Geneve setup over to my main system that is now PFM+/HFDC.  The system boots.  PFM+ reports a V3.00 Boot Bios. Even with a CYA modification to the Booting of HDS1.AUTOEXEC, it still searches DSK1.AUTOEXEC first on a Myarc FDC then goes to the Myarc HFDC where it then picks up the HDS1.AUTOEXEC.  I checked to confirm the edits of SYSTEM/SYS with CYA reflects the changes to DSK1.AUTOEXEC to HDS1.AUTOEXEC on SYSTEM/SYS sector offset 205 decimal.


I would have to dig into the CLI code to see if there is an explanation for that logic unless you know of something different that needs to be done.


As previously privately discussed, I have the double stacked chips on the Geneve.


Anyways, I moved the GenProg tools to the flash drive along with MyWord since they are used more frequently on my system, so it has boosted those load up times.


A second question I have is, with the SCSI2SPLIT program.  As I understand it, the SCSI DSR page of 8K is not "loaded".  Hopefully, since that system has no SCSI, there is no issue I should have.  What I did see was reference to the V7Core that overcomes the SCSI2SPLIT requirements to use 128K instead of 120K.  Just not sure if this is applicable to my system or was perhaps only applicable to the 512K system????


At this point, I am just trying to confirm my knowledge of the system and posting publicly here so there is a history of the pieces that may aid someone else in the future.


For what it is worth, I found having a Horizon Ramdisk (with bootable MDOS) I could move from one system to the other with files to be one of the easiest ways to move the needed working files around as the system I picked up this weekend has presently non-working floppy disk drives and is not configured with any suitable terminal emulation software to give me Telnet capability to retrieve files.



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Well, there is a flag that the CLI  uses to help it determine where the system was booted from.   Look in the MDOS\LN folder (IIRC) for the various TEST routines.  You'll see the flag there.  I do not recall under what conditions the OS would be able to override the AUTOEXEC location.  Are you sure the modified OS is loaded into the PFM device?


You are correct that if you aren't using SCSI you don't really need to load the 8K segment.  If you try to access a SCSI device without the 8k chunk, you'll be rewarded with an immediate lockup.  It is therefore wise to ensure you have no SCSI devices in your assignments or path. 


The V7 core reference is for PFM512 only. 

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