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SOLD: Atari Stuff FS: Jag Bundle, Zaku & Lynx bundle

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Making more room.... thinning out my Atari collection today.  Please PM if you have any questions.



   /|\   Bundle 3 - Jaguar Console with composite cable, single controller, Jag AC Adapter, Tempest, Pitfall, Trevor McFur     **** S O L D ****



A Jaguar with Tempest 2000 is instant fun.  I've haven't played Pitfall & Trevor McFur much, but

Tempest is the real star here.  Console and games are loose.  All are tested and from my

personal collection (like my other items here).


What's included:


  • Atari Jaguar console (loose)
  • Jaguar controller
  • Jaguar composite cable (red-white-yellow)
  • official Jaguar AC adapter
  • Tempest 2000 cartridge (loose)
  • Pitfall cartridge (loose)
  • Trevor McFur cartridge (loose)


$275 shipped in the US. 




   /|\   Bundle 2 - CIB Zaku & Atari Lynx console (loose) & Lynx Pouch     **** S O L D ****



I'm am the original owner of the console.  It is tested and works.  It has the original screen.  I haven't used this

console much--it was my backup.


I have several Lynx consoles and this has the best screen of my collection.  The vertical lightness that follows

moving objects on these old screens is only "mild" on this unit in my opinion.


I am also the original owner of the boxed Zaku cart (never played).


A Lynx pouch is also included.


I'm asking $200 shipped.




   /|\   Bundle 1 - Atari Lynx manuals and posters     **** S O L D ****



I'm selling off my Atari Lynx manuals (and posters).  I prefer to sell a single lot.


They're all in good shape--collector quality. 


I bought them all new myself.


$107 shipped for the whole lot in the US.  Shipping would naturally cost more else where.


lynx manuals 1.JPG

lynx manuals 2.JPG

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