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Lynx High Score Club 2019 Round 6 - Ms Pac Man

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The current game of the Lynx high score club is the arcade classic Ms Pac Man

Settings - Cherries Default 

Deadline to post scores is January 1st 2020 at 12PM EST

Lynx high score club record is -

roadrunner (63,710)

Final high scores -

S.BAZ 61,140 +11 points +3 points
PFG 9000 45,500 +10 points
roadrunner 30,010 +9 points
Peyo 28,190 +8 points
ilmapo81 23,060 +7 points
Mangia-Boy 20,640 +6 points
Rick Dangerous 19,010 +5 points
jblenkle 8,370 +4 points

Current season point standings -

Peyo 64 points
PFG 9000 50 points
Rick Dangerous - travistouchdown 47 points
S.BAZ 45 points
roadrunner 44 points
jblenkle 41 points
agradeneu 14 points
ilmapo81 10 points
Mangia-Boy 8 points
sirlynxalot 7 points

Link to manual -


And corrections please post



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That high score of 63,000 is awesome.  I can't see myself getting much better than this 38k on a really good day.


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It doesn't change my position in the current standings, but I'm posting it here anyway.  I've been "working" hard at this one and it's becoming clear to me that I'm just not meant to be much better at Ms. Pacman.  :)


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Years ago as a young adult, I met some friends at the airport where we waited for our plane to take us to Las Vegas on vacation.  The airport had a Ms. Pacman cab, so naturally I challenged the guys to a competition - worst score buys the first round.  I got trounced, and my friends weren't even big into retro gaming.  I really think I'm just not meant to be good at Ms. Pacman.  🤣

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