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Dragon's Cache - Vs. Puzzle Drop Game - Now Available for Purchase!!!

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8 hours ago, Trebor said:

Anyhow, it's working just fine for all modes.  After selecting number of players I am presented with the Game Mode option screen.  All game modes are working beautifully.

Great to hear - I'm happy that it was a false alarm :)  Thank you for help, testing is a tough but necessary part of game development, and it's good to have folks playing!

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On 10/25/2020 at 6:04 AM, Revontuli said:

With a lot of help from RevEng we've found a possible workaround - there seems to be an issue when the game tries to detect external hardware for saving scores when in BupSystem - telling the ROM there's no high score device seems to get around the crash.  I'm uploading a cartridge version and a "BupSystem compatible" version for those who want to try either



Good work Revontuli, this seems to fix the issue! :thumbsup: I tried both of these new versions and the BupSystem-version seems to run perfect in the emulator now, while the other version does not.


I have not tried all gaming-modes of "Dragon's Cache" so far, but at least the highscore-problem is fixed in the BupSystem-version of the ROM. The game goes into the score-screen, all colors are visible there (which is a good sign) and then it goes back to the main-menue without a problem. And also when i play one game, then this score can be seen correctly in the score-screen and i can play the next game.


Looks good, thanks for finally fixing the game for this emulator. In next days, i will play all gaming-modes of "Dragon's Cache" in the BupSystem emulator and when i find something like a bug, i will report here.

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Thank you for the nomination!  I'll add that this game is in amazing company and competition for the award...




You can vote for the awards (and see all the other amazing games) here: 



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