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FS: Atari Jaguar Repro Propads w/ clicky thumbstick mod

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As discussed here:





$160 plus shipping, 1 per person for now. I only have 1 left of the 10 produced this batch...


$100 if you wish to send a Pro controller you already own to be modified, with return shipping included in that price, if you are in the contiguous USA.


An extensive modification involving custom designed 3D printed plastic parts, an analog stick turned digital and clicky microswitches to replace the mushy d-pad of the Jaguar controller. Each pad is tested thoroughly after I assemble them, with my Raphnet USB adapter, so I verify that all directions and buttons work before I ship to you.



Neo Geo to Sega Genesis / Master System controller adapter




$50 plus shipping, I have 1 left.


Pretty straightforward, these bad boys let you plug in any Neo Geo joystick/controller into your Sega Genesis (or Master System with the toggle of the side switch.)


And if anyone wants a white Neo Geo Mini pad that I've installed a clicky thumbstick and DB15 connection into, I have two left for $60 each. I will make more later.




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Bump, I have two left. I made a demo video in case anyone is sitting on the fence.



If anyone wants to simply send in a Pro controller they already own, I will modify it for $100 and that includes return shipping provided you are located in the contiguous USA.

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Yeah, I was not sure how well they would control. Once I played with one, those concerns were immediately erased!

If you are thinking about one of these, they are GREAT!!!

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