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Can variable aliases (DIMs) contain periods?

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The bB page says this about aliases: "The first character of an alias must either be one of the 26 letters of the alphabet (uppercase or lowercase) or an underscore. Additional characters can be any combination of letters, numbers, or underscores."


But I just looked at a program that uses a period in the middle of an alias. As long as the alias doesn't start with a period, the program compiles and seems to run without any problems.



Question #1


Is there a reason to discourage the use of periods in aliases?



Question #2


If we can use periods in variable aliases, are there any other characters we can use that haven't been mentioned on the bB page?


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Looks like the answer might be here:



RevEng said "If I'm ever in the dasm source again, I'll take a look at better enforcing the symbol-name restriction. But the take-away is, don't use periods in bB labels or variables."

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