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Lynx mosfet

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Sorry this is probably asked all the time but I’ve had a good poke about and just want to be 100% sure before I order.


I’m Looking to repair a few old Lynx’s that I have and am trying to find the correct mosfet. I’ve had a good poke around here and the web but want to check can anyone confirm if these are compatible? Thanks



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I've bought some Mosfets from eBay upon replacing it the Lynx still shown no sign of life, the Mosfet had become faulty after testing with batteries.

Save yourself the headache and purchase the rebuild kit here:


Replace everything that's included in the rebuild kit and the capacitors if not done so already.

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Thanks I’ve already sourced most of the rebuilt kit including capacitors elsewhere it’s just making sure I get the correct mosfet. So if anyone can confirm if the ones I listed above are compatible that would be great thanks

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