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FS: Official HxC Floppy Emulator (Rev F, Cased, White) - $80 ***SOLD!***

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This item in particular:




Not a cheap Gotek, but a very high quality piece of machinery. It has the LCD backlight as well as the drive sounds, a slew of setting options and works with Amiga, ST, IBM, and dozens of other computers and devices as a drop in replacement for a floppy drive. I was personally previously using it with an Amiga, and I must say it works GREAT. The firmware has been updated and running the most current. It is like brand new.


This item goes for $106 currently from Lotharek minus shipping costs from Poland. I am in the USA and am looking for $90 $80 plus $8.30 shipping (priority mail).







2020-01-11 23.58.47.jpg

2020-01-11 23.58.41.jpg

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1 hour ago, Killjoyy27 said:

So temping ...

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It is an excellent product. Industrial to the finish. These are used in commercial environments all over the world apparently.

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25 minutes ago, Goochman said:

Can you help me understand how this is different from a Gotek and does this work with an ST?



It does work with the ST. The Gotek is a cheap device, but works well. You would need to program the gotek with the FlashFloppy firmware. And you would need to add an OLED and modify the gotek case (or 3D print one) to accommodate it as well as add a peizo speaker in order to get it to function sort of like this does.


I have nothing against the gotek and actually have a few of them. But, make no mistake they are cheaply made Chinese boards. I have had some that did not work out of the box, and one that died out of nowhere. Still, they are only like $17 so I consider them disposable anyway ;)


This on the other hand is designed for industrial use. It is extremely well built and will probably outlast me and you. The firmware on it (HxC) also supports a LOT of systems whereas the flashfloppy firmware only supports a handful. You can buy the HxC firmware for a Gotek as well (10 Euros) but if you want a SOLID device this is the one. 


Here is a list of the systems it supports (scroll down the page):




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