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Paul Westphal

Syquest Drive Operation Assistance

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Does anyone have any detaled information, links or files needed to get these Syquest drives running on my STe?


Secondly, I wonder if the transfer rate is good enough to run the Bad Appple Demo? ( might be a longshot )


Any help with this would be appreciated.





Syquest #2.JPG



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I have the ezflyer which I did for a short while use as a boot drive on an Atari Mega. Basically operation is the same as for a hard drive on the ST, so you could follow the same guides as one for installing a scsi drive for example. You will need to set the drive id no using the button on the front (of the second one) and you can't hot swap the drive, so it will appear to the ST like a fixed drive.


Basically plug the drive into the DMA port using the 'Link' adaptor, then use a hard disk driver program to partition the drive and install a boot sector. All Atari hard disk software should work fine with it. Once on the desktop use the install desktop icon option to install icons for each of your partitions then save the desktop. I did find with the older STs the Syquest did need to be warm booted (i.e. you need to reset the ST after turning it on) before the drive was recognised as a boot drive.


I found it reasonably fast in operation, its not fast enough to direct to disk recording, but it is faster than the old Megafile Atari hard disks. I'm not sure what the disk speed requirements are for Bad Apple (or is it a space issue?), but if will run from the old Megafiles, it will definitely run from this.

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Great info Zoggy, thanks. The guy said it was running when he put it away. I’ll try the warm boot and see if it recognizes it.

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