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First off I have to credit Smoke Monster. His ROM packs are 90% of the basis of what I have done and want to do, but they haven't been updated in quite a while and I feel like the focus is a little narrow. I'm wondering what the interest would be in building an ultimate community ROM set. I've been adding prototypes, hacks, unlicensed, and other oddball stuff to my collection, but good grief is there a lot of it and I'm usually not sure I'm following the correct naming conventions. This would not be limited to Atari, but the Atari consoles are close to my heart and very important.


I will say there needs to be some sort of common sense limit for hacks and homebrew otherwise this will descend into madness very quickly. Not every ROM with some minor sprite modification needs to be included.


Would anyone want this at all? Would you make changes to the general way Smoke Monster does his (I'm dropping the focus on being "for Everdrives")? What systems would you like to start with? Would you be willing to contribute?

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