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When did Apple stop selling the Apple II as board only?

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Perhaps a little known fact, but when Apple advertised the Apple II they offered it both fully assembled and as board only, later renamed single board computer for you to attach your own keyboard, make your own power supply and case for. Supposedly the board only model was available in configurations from 4K to 48K memory.


Elsewhere it has been discussed if this ever was possible to buy or just something they advertised for the sake of it. However when browsing Archive.org, I found price lists up until Augusti 1978 which has the SBC listed next to the fully assembled model. Back in June (?) 1977 the price difference was about $700 between board only and fully assembled, but by late 1978 it was down to perhaps $300. In the next price list on Archive.org, from February 1979 the SBC no longer is part of it.


So it raises the question: did Apple indeed sell those and in which quantities, and can we nail down the date when they finally left the DIY market more closely than between August 1978 and February 1979?

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