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FS: Sega Saturn 4 Game Lot

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Up for sale are 4 Japanese Sega Saturn games. All of them have been tested but the cases vary in condition. The games included are:

Sakura Taisen 2 (Complete with manual, paperwork and poster. Case has some scratches on it.)

Tokimeki Memorial: Forever with you (Complete with paper sleeve and character cards. Case has multiple cracks and paper sleeve us scuffed up on the top)

Virtua Fighter (has manual. Case has some cracks on the lower left hand corner on the front and a little crack on the back)

Some Soccer RPG by Enix (Has manual. Case is severely cracked and the manual is creased. Being given away for free with the lot.)


I'm asking for $20 plus shipping OBO PayPal gift payment only. I can ship anywhere in the contiguous US (Shipping would get too expensive if I shipped worldwide.).20200214_115614.thumb.jpg.a06436b546e03dca4ab37d40d7be29f0.jpg20200214_115722.thumb.jpg.a90525ea458f707abc1eda999cc8ac3a.jpg20200214_120232.thumb.jpg.95e9b345d38f17baee6770d189968420.jpg20200214_120222.thumb.jpg.a91a3389b3529dee4a16c140224d1e76.jpg20200214_120215.thumb.jpg.d14bd1b043aa891ff4f1106349e28706.jpg20200214_120305.thumb.jpg.b8305dab108aa15082d0cae9bd97c14b.jpg20200214_120204.thumb.jpg.189f0ef9050e6df377b23f60eaff0874.jpg20200214_115636.thumb.jpg.f3b05d5eff7d26e3351822c6694a7e34.jpg20200214_115953.thumb.jpg.11ccb26fec30c6b0f554e102906453d6.jpg20200214_115836.thumb.jpg.3a186b175e47cc8ca0dfe32d020b994f.jpg20200214_115825.thumb.jpg.6dcc776088a40a4c103bf1c40f421edf.jpg20200214_115731.thumb.jpg.aa1bde396d4ed2c0fdeb72b98bee6506.jpg20200214_120003.thumb.jpg.6f5c14b0e1db3089e47ce7e9290207c2.jpg20200214_120054.thumb.jpg.41daa31ed4987ff9c7da38addf20780f.jpg20200214_120049.thumb.jpg.d4078a5341e708f27254e9c9b7f483d9.jpg




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