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For sale: SMP-24 midi expander and more for Atari with Cubase (Steinberg).

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For sale Steinberg SMP-24 for Atari computers (all series 16 and 32 bits, minimun 1 Mby RAM). Device plug-and-play (with driver for Cubase MROS folder), It will add 4 MIDI outs, 2 MIDI inputs and synchronism SMPTE in / out to your Atari with Cubase program, using the printer serial cable (included), but it is also a MIDI processor that can be configured autonomously and saves the settings (the battery is working).
As a stand-alone MIDI processor, the SMP-24 acts as an 'intelligent' MIDI buffer, enabling many of the benefits to be gained from using a MIDI sequencer to control large arrays of MIDI devices.
Asa stand-alone synchronization processor, it will read and generate most of the common timecode standards, and serve as a master time controller / interface, translating these codes as necessary.
This legendary device was born in 1987 to use the primitive Pro-24 sequencer, but its firmware updated to 1.6x enables operation with Cubase.
A manual printed in English language is attached to a DVD with musical utilities and manuals in PDF format and several languages (also includes the SMP-24 manual in German); and a floppy disk with the Cubase driver for ST series, TT and Falcon.
The device has marks of use having been installed in a rack.
The price is € 300 with shipping included in the EU (and still in the UK), where it is not necessary to pay customs.
atarieterno (at) hotmail (dot) com

SMP-24  (01).jpg

SMP-24  (02).jpg

SMP-24  (03).jpg

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