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For Trade: NES Classic edition, odds and ends W: Atari 2600 games

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I have the following games for trade:


NES Classic Edition - played a little, but the idea was more appealing to me than the reality.  It has the box and all of the contents, and I also have a second wired controller, new in the box that I never opened.


Atari 5200

Cart Only - Centipede (x2), Countermeasure, Missile Command, Star Raiders, Super Breakout



Cart Only - Donkey Kong, Mouse Trap, Turbo 




Atari 2600 - Homebrew/hack games - I would be interested in anything that is not the following: Air Raid, Alien Attack, Alligator People, Asteroid Rescue, Backfire, Candy Catcher, Chase it, Chunkout 2600, Encaved, Explosive Diarrhea, Extra Terrestrials, Gamma Attack, Goblin Chaser, Gunfight, INV+, Kar Kombat, LOTR-The Fellowship of the Ring, Maciver, Miss it, Miss Adventure, Prehistoric Times, Reindeer Rescue, Road Warriors, Stella's Stocking


Atari 2600 games - Spy Hunter, Double Dragon, Rampage, Boing!, Star Wars Arcade, Return of the Jedi, Frankenstein's Monster, Deathtrap, Demolition Herby, Elevator Action, Gauntlet, Guardian, Springer, Marauder, Ikari Warriors, Fatal Run, HERO, Klax, Master Builder, Miner 2049er 2, Room of Doom, River Raid 2, Rubik's Cube, Tax Avoiders, Xenophobe


I am located in Colorado, but will ship anywhere if the deal is right.  Message if interested, thanks.

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