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A bit of Monday nonsense - Video Killed the Radio Star, as sung by Terminal Emulator II

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Well, with a whole weekend indoors and not a lot to do given present circumstances, I took the opportunity to make some serious headway on something I'd been working away at for a while, which is getting a handle on TEII allophone speech.  I'd messed around with making my TI-99/4A "sing" previously, by directly editing LPC speech using an editor of my own devising and Speecoder.  But I figured it'd be fun to do something similar using the traditional tools in this regard.  The method's completely different.  But ultimately, the limitations and parameters are the same. 


Anyway, the upshot is, for your listening (dis?)pleasure, here's a TI-99/4A doing its best to sing the entirety of Video Killed the Radio Star in TEII allophone speech.


Link is to the "song" itself. 


There's a lot of preamble, but most here probably know more about TEII speech than I do, so only skip back to that if you're so inclined.


Edit: Replaced with direct link, as the embedding didn't seem to be working.

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23 minutes ago, OLD CS1 said:

"Still Alive," next :)

Ooh, that'd actually work really well I bet. 


My original thinking was that I wanted to do something from 1979 or 1981 as a nod to the birth of the TI-99, or the TI-99/4A specifically, so it was between Laurie Anderson's O Superman (1981) and Video Killed the Radio Star (1979).  But I think Still Alive would work even better. 

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