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A Bug's Lynx release

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#[email protected] Release _ beta version 2020/04/03

My first intention was to sell digital (via itch.io) and physical games.

But with all this madness, I guess we need to take care each other, and we need some gardening. So digital is (and will remains) free. Physical relase should come when everything will be back to normal.

This version may not be the final one, some minors changes (bugs, audible music - don't be afraid about pressing Option 2 in order to mute music) may be added in the near future before official release.

#[email protected] Release _ beta version 2020/04/03


What's included :

- 40 levels

- continue option

- save progression on EEprom every 10 levels 

- music (well, kind of music, you can mute it via Option 2) : 3 "tracks" changing every 4 or 5 levels


- pause

- french & english manual


What's missing before official release :

- better music ?

- some improvements

- bugs correction (if there are still remaining bugs)


Have fun :


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Nice Fadest, now I can flash the cart you sent to me with the updated version! 😻

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Thanks for the game release. Sad that we wont be able to catch up in Congis this month. Hopefully, things will return to some sort of normality for next April, until then stay safe & keep up the good work :)

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