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5200 OE HSC Challenge 05/2020 Missile Command

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I'll put up another common one for the long month of May, but also one of the 5200's shining stars- Missile Command. Play on default game using real 5200 systems, and Atari Mfg controls, including the trackball. Period correct analog sticks allowed with -1 HSC pt penalty. Only modern exceptions allowed are flashcarts/SDloaders running original ROMS.

Round ends when month does.


Current HSC record- Bust it for a bonus point!

Missile Command - (Default game)
zylon 199,245


Final scores:


168,560  rubeon +11

108,225  DamonicFury +10

86,885  troff +9

38,240  RangerG +8

36,565  roadrunner +7


Current standings:


DamonicFury - 39

rubeon - 37

roadrunner - 34

zylon - 27

RangerG - 24

Rogerpoco - 15

troff - 15

patroclus99 - 10

hoosierdadee78 - 9

Bemis - 8



Missile Command.BIN

Edited by zylon
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I don’t have a trackball, but love this game.



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What a game! Any chance to break out the track ball (though my scores trend much higher with the CX52, the track ball is just plain fun)

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May goes to rubeon, with some nice numbers in the final week by all. 😎👍 Thanks for playing and I'll get next months game up soon. Been a bit busy with some folks determined to burn down my city here lately.


Final scores:


168,560  rubeon +11

108,225  DamonicFury +10

86,885  troff +9

38,240  RangerG +8

36,565  roadrunner +7

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