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Text Adventure 2

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I finished this game a while ago, but was having screen roll issues. Since I don't have a real Atari, would anyone care to test it? Thanks!!


This time, the evil Gorgon and her sister stole the eternal flame from the temple, plunging the world into darkness. Theres a key that opens doors, the harp which puts monsters to sleep and also attracts other items, the shield which protects you from attacks and since it's reflective, kills the gorgon instantly and protects you from her stone-gaze. There are three companions: the hero, who makes you better at fighting, the seer who identifies everything around and also gives you a flash of the whole room you are in when you press the button while touching a wall, and the thief who allows you to shoot, and lets you get by any traps you might encounter. There is a dot next to your character, which is used for fighting the monsters, just touch them with it. it won't function if you are holding anything but the shield. Hope you enjoy!!


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