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NTSC / PAL compatibility ?

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Hello there,


As explained in an other post, I do have an PAL Intellivision, but without a lot of games.


Unfortunately, it's incredibly hard to find games here in France. Nothing on garages sales / second-hands stores. Games on eBay or similar are quite expensive, and when the game price is correct, the shipping costs are too high 🙄


I have an opportunity to buy a bunch of raw game PCBs (so without the plastic shells, but that's not an issue) in the US, so NTSC games.


It seems that there is no difference  : http://www.classic-consoles-center.at/intellivision/intellivision-ntsc-and-pal-games-list


But can an expert confirm this ?


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Posted (edited)

Normally you find a good amount of Intellivision games on Ebay France. But now I can find there only games from other countries. Is this maybe because of the Corona lockdown?




And there are 2 games that don't work on PAL machines, The Dreadnaught Factor and Motocross (only the Mattel version, the INTV version with white cart label is fixed).


Are you really buying loose circuit boards? The shells of this were definitely used for homebrew games and this are only the cheapest most common games.

If you are that much in need I can send you a stack of these only for the shipping costs.



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Well I'm not a huge user of Ebay but yes right now I have issues to find games at a decent price, and not only for the Intellivision. Maybe I should set alerts to make sure that I didn't miss items...

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@Intymike is right - only two games are incompatible with PAL. The sound will be slightly different for most of the original games, and they may play at a slightly different speed, too. Most games released in the last 5-10 years or so account for the differences and will be more consistent.

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