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So I decided to explore Option F.  I found a line that was left in from some previous code so I had removed that and then reworked and consolidated some of the code in the intro/game select menu freeing up enough space to accomplish the goals of redrawing the jack. I now have 58 bytes free in Bank 1 so I will try and work in a little more sound and hopefully seek out any other glitches.  


New binary will be posted in the first post!

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So when I made my fix to the massive jack bug, I made a new bug - the 671 point bug, where the bay doors would not reopen at 671 points.  At first I thought this was a glitch with my Atari Flashback Portable because I also experienced a colorswitch glitch (or fat finger fumble) and loosely associated the two together.  I later replicated the bug on hardware but not Stella (but that is because I changed the score value effectively circumventing 2 other variables). You can read about the problem here.

After looking into the code, I believe I fixed the issue.  I essentially inserted the movement check code from the massive jack bug fix into the bay door code.  I switched out 2 bits for 2 unused bits (e{5} and e{6} for s{5} and s{6}) and things should be cool now.


Updated binary in the first post!

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