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Atari 7800 Flashback Raspberry Pi conversion

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Hi all

I thought you might like to see my Atari 7800 Flashback 1 conversion.

I removed the insides and added a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with Retropie and many emulators and games such as Atari, Mame etc

The power button is wired to the Pi and uses Safe shutdown. I wired a blue LED to the Pi for the power.

The Reset button does not actually do anything (just for show). Extension cables were added for the USB connections and replaced the Serial ports.

The rear had to be cut out to allow for a bit more room and have cut out a black plastic plate to stick to the back to cover it, which is cut around the power and HDMI port.

The red Flashback label was removed and added matte silver vinyl wrap with a chrome Atari badge to look more like the Atari 7800.

Hope you like it.




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Thanks for sharing.


I like seeing DIY projects like this.


The silver matte vinyl and logo are a nice touch.

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I'm working on something similar with a PiZero... I'm betting mine will not turn out nearly as nice as yours! Would you be interested in selling a couple of those stickers? That really makes it look like a real thing from Atari!

Great work!


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Awesome!  Thank You!  I will show mine off when i finally get around to finishing it lol  I always seem to have too many projects and never enough time :)


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