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Bobby Nelson

My 2600 family grew today...

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A few months ago I was on my local craigslist and I kept seeing a post for a 2600. It was a bit weird because the seller was offering it with a few 5200 game carts. The post sat there for probably close to two months and so I finally emailed and we negotiated a price. From the picture I could see it was a heavy sixer and it ended up coming home with me.


 Fast forward to two days ago and I was on facebook marketplace and I saw a post for a lot of Atari stuff for sale. (See pic with multiple consoles etc). I saw a tele-games heavy sixer and a junior and those piqued my interest. I made an offer to them for just those two consoles, with controllers and any hookups. They accepted my offer and today I brought home the Sears heavy sixer as well as the junior.


  But then I was thinking...."ya know, that photo....this looks like a collection. There was the heavy 6, a regular woodgrain 4 switcher, a vader, and junior...hmmm... what are the odds that the junior is a 1-chip?! Is it even possible?!"


  I got home a few hours ago, grabbed my screw driver, and popped it open to find....TAH DAH!!! IT IS A 1-chip Junior! HOT DAMN!


  I still haven't verified functionality of them yet but I'll plan on doing cap jobs and other general maintenance on them so as long as they're not fried I'm confident they'll all be playing games again soon enough. 


 So that's my little 2600 family. Two heavy sixers and a 1-chip junior.....what are the friggin odds?!!??!








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Thanks! I hooked them up on Friday to test them out and they all work.  Rf on the junior isn’t all that great but it does function.

  Also the spring return on the select switch on the tele-games is broken. Switch works but you have to manually move it up and down.

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