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RetroHQ Lynx GameDrive and BennVenn's ElCheapoSD Cartridge Review for Atari Lynx

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Thanks for this helpful review.

I´ve put myself on the pre-order list for the ElCheapoSD and surely will get a Lynx GD for my second Lynx later.

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This device is absolutely incredible ,it’s a must have, it’s better then the first one since it now also will fit in the lynx 1 ,it supports save files(no need to mod games for it wich was required with the 1st version of it),,

the most amezing feature of this device is being able to cheat in supported games ,by switching on or off cheats such as infinitive lives,infinitive health or a 1 hit boss defeat etc,,, these cheats and the amount of supported games will hopefully growing ,but existing games needs to be moddified to benefit from it ,,but hey i was thinking, that maybe we could also create a cheating cartride with patches for existing games sothat we also can cheat in those fysical copies of existing games as well, an update feature should allow us to add support for future patched homebrew games to cheat in it,, so saint with this in mind theres lots of potential in what can be done in the near future😊🙏👍

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