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Speech syn for beige TI-99/4a

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I am updating the models for these tonight.


Omega, I need clarification;  Did you cut it close to the wall like this--


Or Like this --






I need to know where to cut.



The area you want padded out to have landings for rubber feet does not have enough room for a full 1".  The feet you have are closer to 3/4".  That is what I have added.



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On 11/8/2020 at 12:40 AM, wierd_w said:

I see... Thank you.  I can accommodate that.


Excellent thank you.  Oh, BTW I had a friend over a few days ago and he liked my "more compact" beige unit with your side cars more than my tricked out black & silver system.



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@wierd_w I'm curious, have you finalized the design and designed the end cap cover?  This has been such an enjoyable project to watch and play with, actually one of my highlights of 2020 that I'd hate to see it left without a conclusion.

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I have/had taken some time away from it, so that I could focus a little energy on my residents at work, (Been doing a lot of baking and stuff there, and cooking up some turkey to share with my co-workers, due to the whole covid thing-- We have to be in each others' company anyway to do our work, so my thought was that it was a good idea to do in that limited scope.)


Also, it's Computer Based Training time again... which means mind-numbingly stupid and repetative videos ad-nauseum.


I will certainly get back to it as soon as I have recharged a bit.

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