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SCART-Genie 9640 V2 Released!

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I wanted to redesign the original SCART-Genie to allow for a better picture and more stabile power as well as reduction of power requirements.


So now SCART Genie 9640 V2 is released with the below enhancements.


I got the first batch of boards in and have put one together.  Works great on my Geneve with my Samsung 910MP.


The LM1881 is no longer powered at full throttle of 12v.  It has been stepped down to 5v for minimal power consumption and less heat transfer.  dual voltage regulators have also been installed with an additional capacitor provide the 5v to the LM1881 as well as 2v required to put the SCART monitor into RGB mode.


I have 9 available in my store, HERE




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6 minutes ago, jedimatt42 said:

If the switch is off for 9640 powered, what does that mean? Is there a place to apply external power? 

it works the same way Version 1 did for that.  It was put in for users that have modified their monitor to provide the necessary 1-3v to put it in RGB mode.  I have done it on my 910mp, of course I have put in a switch on the monitor that will turn that on and off in order to test SCART-Genie's when I build them.

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