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FS: huge lot of Atari 2600 pirates (Brazil, Supervision, Spacevision etc)

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I'm going through my Atari 2600 collection and have decided to sell some parts of it.

These are all (variants of) PAL format games.

I have not tested them, please expect some of them to be not working

Selling these as lots only, will not break them up.

Prices are as listed (shipping is not included) or best offer.

Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer.


Lot 1: Argentina (Edu, Artkaris, Age)


49 loose games from Argentina, mostly fair condition

The blue carts by Age are multicarts






Lot 2: Brazil

128 loose games from Brazil, lots of pretty cool manufacturers, like Intellivision, Star Game, Digital, War Games, Zirok and Shock Vision. Mostly nice condition for games from Brazil.






Lot 3: South-American Box

60 boxed games, mostly from Brazil and a handful from Argentina.

These come in plastic boxes. 






Lot 4: Spacevision multi pirates

12 funky little multigames from Spacevsion. Mostly found in Southeast Asia and Australia. Good condition on most of them.













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On 9/2/2020 at 3:49 AM, CPUWIZ said:



EDIT: I bet Ian bought most of them.

haha, totally...noids trade box/duplicates is bigger than most peoples collection

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