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The Jorbus Collection

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I'm proud to share my modest little collection with you all. Starting with the Fairchild VES and games I recently acquired. (Yes I am aware the dust cover is on upside down in the 1st photo)



Funny, I'm feeling like a winning Turkey after all this for $75

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And now the Atari collection, Also recently acquired from my work for a song.


6-switch VCS with keypad controllers (with bracket). Sticker on the board is dated April 22 1982. And the Sears Tele-games center.


Owners manual, logbook (not written in), catalogs and original power adapter box that mentions the unreleased Tank II console


Atari picture labels


Atari text-labels


Atari silver labels


Atari manuals (including keypad overlays for Star Raiders and Basic Programing)


Sears Tele-games carts and manuals


Activision carts, manuals and catalogs


Other 3rd party carts, manuals and catalogs


Edited by Jorbus
Yes, the Tank II did go unreleased
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More Atari (and related) stuff from my collection:


2600 Defender & Swordquest: Earthworld with the manuals and comics. Swordquest is in an EA SNES clamshell (?). I always wonder how these things happen.



This one takes some explaining (shameless plug alert)...on the left is a 4" lathecut record that my band (Deschtuco) released a few years ago. The song is a short tune called Phoenix, next to the 2600 cart of Phoenix and some Atari stickers for scale.



And an original 1981 Aladdin brand Pac-Man lunchbox with thermos bottle. 


Edited by Jorbus
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On 10/17/2020 at 11:37 AM, CaptainCanadian said:

Atari Cart game art was so awesome.

Indeed! With graphics that required so much imagination, they had to be

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Adding some other pics of the collection that were originally posted in a thread that has since vanished


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