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Hello.  1 time of taking the super extra controller parts I kind of fixed it but I couldn't get it back together right without it being ergonomically weird.


I know that Best Electronics California sells the gold set for the 5200 joystick buttons and keypads.


I was wondering if there was a similar mod thatcould be done to Super Action Controllers?; I predict every couple years I have to re mail it, and I read that deep cleaning requires taking apart almost to the skeleton  (the circuit board level), and read it has something to do with sandpapering off some foreign substance.


Instead of mailing it every few years I wonder if there's a final solution for super extra controllers but he's just being unresponsive?


Also one of the directions have fell off one of the four super extra controllers, because I could do 7 directions all except Northwest.  I've opened one before and seen it has an 8 separate actuator pins, one for each Cardinal and diagonal.


Does that mean that there are games that specifically support super action  controls with tertiary directions, as in 16 way, where North plus Northeast equals NorthNorthEast?


If that's not true or if it was meant to support 16 ways but no game actually took advantage of it, then that opens a couple of doors.


what if the top joystick could be replaced by a more current arcade self stick either American or Japanese and be ambidextrous on the joystick housing.  If all you need is 8 way and way to turn 8 way via 4 actuators  to 8 separate actuators, and if the buttons can be replaced with "finger grip"  buttons, then these suckers could go a lot longer without repair.


Also eight separate actuators might give away to make a 16 way Intellivision joystick and turn eight ways plus the in-betweens into 16 ways of Intellivision, then the suprep should controller might be a combo stick Intellivision / ColecoVision / retro ambidextrous Fight Stick.


I'm just spitballing night some ideas.  Maybe someone can make something out of it.



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