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Colors [0-15]?

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Sorry for such a basic question, but I'm kind of surprised how hard it is to find the answer.


What is the enumeration mapping for the 16 available colors? 


I looked in the 'manual.txt' for IntyBASIC and "Programming Games for the Intellivision".


I can recompile "Hello, world!" with different values, but... seems like something this basic should be easier to find?


Any tips on a "programmer's reference" to GROM, etc.?

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Hi. Your question would get better answer if you put it directly in the forum one level upper "Intellivision Programming"


You can search for Intellivision Colors for a palette. I found this 

it also talks about GROM.


You need to download the GROM from some rom site and then use the show_grom utility that comes with jzintv to generate a txt version viewable.






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Just found it on page 14 of "Programming Games" (page 30 of the PDF). 


'show_grom' is really cool!


Thank you!

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