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ATR8000 and 3.5 inch drives?

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I've heard rumors of ATR8000 users with 1.44MB floppies (3.5 inch) that were working. 

Any confirmations? If so, what's the max capacity you're seeing?




(now with a 3-gotek/FF ATR8000 system up and running!)

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They don't do 1.44M.


But they you can pick 77 track 1.0M formatting and do that on 1.2M 5.25 drives and I believe on the 3.5" 1.44M drive.  Maybe someone here has direct experience.


I've only run 360K on 5.25" and 720K on 3.5" disks myself.


There are several ATR8000 threads, and I believe this has been discussed on one or more of them previously.

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