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Season 10 ~ Week 23 ~ Beat The Leaders 2

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No score update from me, but when Jr starts going in directions that you’re positive you didn’t move him, then that means it’s quitting time. I did have a game earlier this evening where I hit 43k on my first life, so that was a new record which was frickin sweet. But just like in Ms. Pac, my highest games aren’t from my best first lives.


I really wanna play the arcade version now. I read that one gives you an extra life every 10k, which if true, is insane. 


The biggest frustration that I think I had with this game was that I don’t start off consistently well. Sometimes I’ll sit down to one game and kick butt. Most other times, I’m having a rough start and restarting a lot. Although actually, that usually gets me in a rut and I need a break. The tricycle maze is just a hard first level, harder than cherry in Ms. Pac-Man for sure.


I guess it just boils down to this:


Jr. Pac-Man VCS is frickin hard and I want to knock that stupid propeller hat off of his head sometimes.


end rant

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This is the END of Season 10!


Time Line:

Final Standings Posted Tuesday Oct 20.

Our WINNER will be crowned and congratulated!


Round 1 Bracket Challenge Starts Oct 22.

          Round 1 Bracket Challenge Ends Nov 1.

Round 2 Starts Nov 3 and Ends Nov 8

Round 3 (FINALS for Medal Brackets) Starts Nov 10 and Ends Nov 22

Round 4 (Paper Medal Finals ) Starts Nov 24 and ends Dec 6.


SEASON 11:  STARTS  FEB 4, 2021

It will last 23-26 weeks and feature 28-30 Games.

And will End in August 2021

Edited just now by Vocelli

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Final Standings are posted!


I will fill in the Standings soon!

We start on Thursday!

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