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1400XL questions...

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@kheller2, yes—you can find copies of the OS ROM and handlers here. Thanks again to @bob1200xl, who helped me dump them!


@geneb I assume you’re talking about the red socket on the daughter board? There’s nothing missing, that’s how the daughter board plugs in to the main board. There are pins coming up from the main board that go into the red socket on the daughter board.

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On 11/4/2020 at 11:40 AM, electronizer said:

Here are some pictures.





Re: the 'PT68 Test' sticker: it's possible that this was a machine sent through FCC Part 68 testing.  Part 68 basically covers compliance for connecting modems to the PSTN, and, since the both 1400XL and 1450XL had a built-in modem, it would need to be certified for connection to the phone network before the machine went on sale.


Late edit: the '68' appears to my eyes to be written over the number '15'.  If this machine was sent for FCC Part 15 testing as well, that would also make sense - Part 15 is the section that deals with RF transmissions from devices that aren't specifically RF radiators (e.g., dedicated transmitters such as ham or CB radios, etc.), and the machine would have needed to also be certified for compliance with Part 15.


FWIW, I'm not saying either of these are definitive meanings for that sticker, but rather that the interpretations above are likely possibilities.

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Tong Schematics are available although hard to decipher.

When matched with 1200XL , and a little hard work you would be a God if you would build a motherboard!


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