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Help! What's the most affordable middle-of-the-road way to get a MiniDIN 9 RGB out (Sega Genesis 2/32X/Super SD System 3) into a modern TV?

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Howdy. I'd like to get my Turbografx 16 with Super SD System 3 and my Genesis/Sega CD/32X tower running on my semi-modern TV. (A crappy-ish Vizio from 2012 or so.) Both have MiniDIN-9 outs, and I confirmed that at least the Genesis RF adapter works with the Super SD System 3 (albeit with no sound).


I've been trying to read up on the current state of upscalers and doublers and such, but I find that most of them give so many options, and such generic advice, that I really don't know what I need to do.


My standards are pretty low. I'm currently using a Hyperkin cable with my TG16, which kills the colors, but it's tolerable to me, which should give you an idea of just how low my standards are. But that's not an option with the Super SD system or the 32X. (There is a Genesis AV out to to HDMI out there, but I assume it has the same problems with color and noise as the Hyperkin ones do.


I think what I want is the MiniDIN9 RGB from each console going into a switch box, and then from there to the converter, and from there to the TV as HDMI. In an ideal world, I would love to loop a Gamecube and Jaguar in too, with S-video.


Options I've looked at:

- RetroTINK Pro 2X (but does it support RGB?)

- OSSC (all of the "brands" selling it look sketchy).

- I thought the RAD 2X was a really appealing idea, but it seems it's been sold out for a while with no word of any future stock.


If you have a setup you like, which is not stupidly Framemeister level expensive, I would really appreciate it if you could share. There's a ton of information out there, but it's hard to know what all it's going to cost and if it will work.



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The RetroTink Pro 2X is NOT RGB, it's YPbPr (as well as Composite, SVideo, you can check their manuals online btw), if you already have Scart cables then https://www.retrotink.com/product-page/retrotink-2x-scart should work, alternatively you can buy both a https://www.retrotink.com/product-page/rgb2comp (Scart input) and either https://www.retrotink.com/product-page/retrotink-2x-pro or https://www.retrotink.com/product-page/2x-multiformat .... I have the rgb2comp + 2x-pro-Multi but I have not had a chance to test it as I am awaiting Scart cables.
You'll also need 5 RCA M-M adapters to connect the 2: https://www.amazon.com/VCE-5-Pack-Coupler-Connector-Adapter/dp/B06W9JBQSW



It gets expensive at that point as you are looking at 200US$+ with both, I chose the dual setup as I do have a few consoles that output YPbPr and the 2x-pro-Multi supports it unofficially to 720p and a non-std1080i (check fw 1.4Beta https://www.retrotink.com/post/retrotink-2x-pro-multiformat-firmware-page I presume that has been maintained all the way to the current one).

So the 2x-pro-Multi looks like it can support me all the way to Xbox OG and PS2 even with their 720p games (there's just too few 1080i [only 1 on PS2 afaik] and it may just not work at all for those, but XBox OG has quite some 720p).

You can see my setup here:


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