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Possible to whiten 5200 Trackball ? Worthwhile?

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Is the ball in these typically that yellowish color when new? After seeing images in some recent topics I decided to dig mine out of storage, forgot what great condition mine was in and about the only thing I have that also still has the clear plastic on the aluminum strip (MUST RESIST REMOVING 😛) I really need to try this accessory more as it seems to be in excellent shape however, I noticed like many pictured the ball seems discolored yellowish, looking up images online it seems it WAS originally white? If it should be white might look into brightening or SHOULD I BOTHER? Is it more trouble than it is worth? I only lightly tested it upon receiving the 5200 / games etc in a lot years ago. I should do more testing and also maybe give it some maintenance if required. ANY GOOD TUTORIALS or videos on that? Also, I may have posted similar at one time but my memory is not getting any better 😛 Still, thanks in advance for any / all replies.....IF anyone or a mod notices I am repeating this post just merge it or point me in the direction of original post.










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I don't think they were ever pure white. I've had mine for well over 20 years and it's always been the same cream color. It's not made of plastic, so I doubt very much that the ball has faded.  I wouldn't go by marketing pictures, because just like with food, marketing uses fakes/mock-ups to create perfect looking pictures.

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