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I need help loading up disk games on Classic99.

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3 hours ago, NamcoPlayer said:

I like the Classic99 emulator. You can launch games as a .dsk format, and I need help loading the files up. What do I do? 


First, read the manual. There are instructions on how to set up disk images (those with “.dsk” extensions).


You will also need to know what cartridge a particular game needs to run (see instructions in the manual for mounting cartridges). There are many possibilities, but most games likely require the Editor/Assembler  cartridge (E/A), the Extended Basic cartridge (XB) or TI Basic(TIB) (with or without E/A).


Unless the startup file for the game is an XB file on DSK1 named “LOAD” (which will auto-start with XB mounted), you will need to know the name of the file. For 

  • XB or TIB
    • RUN
  • XB
  • E/A, option 3 (load and run)
    • If it does not start, you will need to type the entry point (often it is START or MAIN or GAMENAME)
  • E/A, option 5 (run program file)

Again, read the manual first.



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The manual is silently screaming for someone to read it. Classic 99 is the greatest ti emulator, it also deserves to be read to get the best out of it, because it's way TOO much information to go over in a text type forum.


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