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Geneve OS development discussion

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Minor update: I have amended the Horizon Ramdisk Git wiki with references to GENCFG and the MDOS 7.30 release.  Later this year I will upload the source to GENCFG to the repository.


Geneve · horizonramdisk/Horizon-Ramdisk-ti994a Wiki (github.com)


If someone has the time and willingness to do so, the Ninerpedia article referencing Geneve OS 6.50/FORM needs to be updated to reflect 7.30 and GENCFG.  I suggest that we retain the instructions for <=6.50 , perhaps as a separate page.    Booting MDOS from Horizon Ramdisk - Ninerpedia   


(Post #1 has been cleaned up a bit to reflect the 7.30 OS release and tentative next steps)

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