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NEWER HOMBREWS & PORTS                                                                               

borzorkc.bin Berzerk Clone - with speech - Awesome! Message #15

Bounce'n'Pounce Message #1

Bouncy's Obstacle Course (Final Final Version) Message #88

DONCASTER8.bin Doncaster Racecourse Message #828

eric8.bin Eric in Monsterland Message #932

Lunar Mission 2 32k8.BIN Message #16

MADMARVIN8.BIN Mad Marvin's Great Escape Message #967

MRCHIN.BIN Mr. Chin Message #121

MummysTomb32K-8.bin Mummys Tomb Message #2156

NIGHTSTK8.BIN Night Stalker (Complete) Message #1

PENGO.BIN Pengo port by: Bleepbit Message # 1181

Pyjamarama-1.1.zip Pyjamarama Message #50

Red_planet32k8.bin Red Planet By: Retrospect/BIN Arcadeshopper Message #13

restc.bin Restless II Instructions Message #93

Robots of Death Message #4 (Added 02/10/2021)

Skyway8.bin Skyway Message #48

SCRAA.bin Sparkdrummer's Challenge Rescue At AtariAge Message #818

SNAKE32kb8 Snake Plissken Message #638

super-mario-bros-8.bin Super Mario Bros. (Requires F18A) Message #260

SuperSpaceAcer32KB8.zip Super Space Acer Message #477

squaryc.bin Squary Message #10

TILANDER_8.bin TI Lander Manual Message #697

TILES-2018R2.ZIP TILES (Cartridge Image Within ZIP file) Message #23

TI-PONG.BIN TI-Pong Message #001

tix8.bin Similar to Qix Message #38

TEXTURBO8.BIN Tex Turbo Message #977

turmoil.bin Turmoil 8K Message #1


I'm trying to update this section in the repository, and know I'm overlooking a few things.  Can you guys take a few seconds to look over the list and tell me if you see any glaring omissions?


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10 hours ago, fabrice montupet said:

@Omega: Please, could you replace the background color, the dark grey you've chosen makes the black text hard to read, thanks 🙂


I'm sorry, since I'm slowly extracting myself from AtariAge and the forums, I've decided not to subscribe this year and thus cannot edit the message any longer.

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