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Showing Off My Collection

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I have thousands of games, hundreds of them Atari but here are just some of the highlights.


All pricing CAD.


I bought a pile of games from a local shop recently and he had about 10 with weird PAL labels and some of them you couldn't read well so I agreed to throw them in with the lot for $5 each. It wasn't until I got home and put a little more effort into looking at the labels and realized one of them was this Bumper Bash. Pretty good deal for $5.




This is one from that lot purchase, I think I paid $450 for this one.




A local collector asked me if I wanted this one for $60 so of course I did. The silver label Gravitar is pretty uncommon.




A local pawn shop had this for $50. I waited for a 30% off sale and got it for $35.




I knew I wanted one of these misspelled variants as soon as I first heard they existed. I think I paid $5 for it.




My boss in 2012 found out I collected video games so he asked if I wanted a big box of his childhood games. A few weeks later he brought them into work and gave me the entire box for free, it was filled with all the best 2600, NES, SNES and PlayStation games plus a pile of consoles. This is one of the games from that lot. He also gave me the audio cord for the Kid Vid system and said he had the system at home somewhere but couldn't find it. I tracked down this cassette a few years later from eBay for about $20.




The most valuable game from that free lot was this one.




This one I got from Atari Age, it's probably the 2600 game that gives me the most fun play.




A few years back there was a seller on eBay selling these sealed Mystique games for $50 each or case packs of 6 for $300. I considered buying a case but I collect, I don't invest, so I just bought one. Oops, at least I haven't opened it.




A local collector (same one as Gravitar) called and asked if I wanted to buy 3 games from him for $600. This is one of those three games.




I don't often look at eBay because it's such a pain in the ass but one day I did see a load of Sears Telegames black box games with a boxed system listed for $150. This is just one of the games, I probably got about 10 of them with that lot.




There's a local vintage game store I go to a lot and the owner knows I collect Atari so he asked if I wanted a pile of these empty Zellers boxes for free. He probably gave me 6 of them. I have since gotten the games, some I bought from him.




This is the second game from the 3 game $600 lot.




This is the third game.




I bought this sealed game from a guy on eBay for $11 and I liked it because it shows Atari's cost cutting decisions late in their life to sell monochrome boxes. I should have bought a whole lot more but games were really cheap back then, nobody wanted 2600.




I wanted to split shipping while I was buying form eBay so I looked around on that same seller's store for what else he was selling that I didn't already have and Skate Boardin' is one I didn't yet have in my collection so I picked this up for $8. It's also sealed.




Same local game store, I bought a big pile of these bootleg PAL games with really cool box art on them. This is just one of them.




I recently contacted someone here that listed a bunch of prototypes for sale and this is one of them. It's Frog Pond for 2600.




They also had Dukes Of Hazzard which I understand has a unique history, not being sold until after Best bought Atari's old stock and finding these PCB.




Same local game store, they had this in their cabinet for $150 and I initially passed on it until I did more research and realized this was a less common version worth over $1000, they must have priced it off the 8-Bit version which is more common. I contacted them and bought it as soon as I realized.




Same guy from this forum, he had Malagai and Gauntlet chips from Answer software for sale. I know these are R9 and R10 games so even though they didn't come with shells, I had to have them. I had another member here named BAH create shells for me to put them in to play them. Gauntlet works but Malagai doesn't.






That's it for Atari 2600 but I have other weird stuff. Here are some TRS-80 games I bought for $5 each and have been trying to sell for $5 - $10 each recently. I changed my mind on wanting them.






I have a habit of buying really strange things that I see so for some reason I bought this Socrates and a nearly complete library of games for it. I think I'll be getting rid of this soon, no idea for what. I also don't remember what I paid but probably $10.






Someone locally was selling this for $20 so I bought it.




I have no idea what this is, I think I got it for free.




Also no idea but this box is huge! 




Hand for comparison.




Why do I have this? I don't even know anymore.




Another huge boxed game for something.




I have no idea what this is.




Same local game store asked if I wanted this thrown in with my other purchases for $50. Yes I do!




Same seller from this forum, he told me this was for Atari 2600 but it clearly isn't. I only kept it because it's a big name title (Jr. Pac-Man).




Also from the local game store, I think I paid $150 for this. Apparently it was common for this company to just put another label over an existing label on their games and the glue was so terrible they would fall off.




Boxed Atari systems I've found at garage sales and eBay lots. The Sears Telegames is from the lot I mentioned earlier, the 1040 STe was $10 at a local garage sale. They offered me the monitor for $20 and I declined.......oops. The Odyssey box was free I think, or maybe I paid $10. 




I'm not sure why I have a VIC 20, I'll probably sell it at some point. I got it in a lot.




I've got bins for days of Intellivision games I bought for $2 each and have been trying to unload for $3 each but nobody seems to want them. Some are sealed.




Some weird TV Fun system I bought for $10.



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The Compu-Vision is a Pong clone. The Jr-Pac cart looks like it's for a 5200 (it remained unreleased after the 1984 change of Atari ownership).

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