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Configuring TI-99 and Geneve emulations in MAME

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This was a bit confusing ... I just noticed that in geneve.cpp, the Geneve dump file is already referred to as "genbt098.bin". Thus, I decided to rebuild the geneve.zip file (renaming genbt090.bin to genbt098.bin) and to replace the zip file on WHTech and on the MAME FTP server. After the WHTech server, I found that this update is already available on the MAME FTP server, so this may have been the case on WHTech already.


In short, maybe it was just my own geneve.zip that had the wrongly named Geneve dump. Nevertheless, I'm adding the geneve.zip (containing genbt098.bin and genbt100.bin) to this message. If your geneve.zip file contains a genbt090.bin, I recommend to replace it by the attached zip file.


The point is that MAME searches for the matching ROM even when the name does not match. This makes sense when you consider that MAME expects you to dump your machine ROMs, but there may be no way for you to find out how the dump should be named (you would need the MAME source code).


However, and this addresses your concern, if the ROM dump cannot be found by hash, MAME tries to locate the dump file by name and warns you that the hash code could not be verified. But the emulation will start nevertheless; I just tried it.




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