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How do I get DreamPi working

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There's one step in these various dream High videos that say if you have Windows do this but doesn't say what to do if you downloaded it on say an Android or a Macintosh or something like that.


These are the steps I heard to make the pie machine turn itself into a dream pie and make it a bootable disc.


I know a Mac could in theory turn into a PC, but the last time that happened I got lots of bad interactions from a tech support that wouldn't shut down and doing lots of things without my permission.


I assume if you know what you're doing, a PC is great but if you don't then a PC is just a beast to work with.


So if you can find any instructions on how to make a dream pi boot disk off either an Android OTG hookup, or on a Macintosh with a card reader in it, I would like that help thank you.


By the way is 5 megabits and five megabits out plenty for Dreamcast online with broadband? That's all I got on my hotspot.

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