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2020/2021 HSC RD 12 Astroblaster

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Fighter pilots needed in sector wars! Play Astroblaster!



Skill level - Easy

Guided shots - Yes

Lives - 5

Difficulty switches - B/B


More information:

Fighter pilots needed in sector wars... - Atari 7800 - AtariAge Forums


Bonus: Have you missed a game this season? Now's your chance to make it up! You won't receive full credit, but better late than never :)

If you've played every game this season, play any game from the 7800 library that is not listed in the 7800 HSC Records: 7800 HSC Records - 7800 High Score Club - AtariAge Forums original run, homebrew, or prototype- the only exception is color/sprite hacks. The game least likely to ever be officially played in the HSC will receive top points!


Deadline: May 18, 2021




HSC points as of round 11:

82 - oyamafamily

81 - toiletunes

75 - roadrunner

74 - Dr Moocowz

71 - NIKON
70 - jeremiahjt

65 - BydoEmpire

29 - Namco Player

25 - jblenkle

21 - Dauber

19 - Rick Dangerous

16 - Deteacher

10 - Cousin Vinnie

9 - slx


Scores for round 12:

25,600 roadrunner

21,860 NIKON

21,810 oyamafamily

20,110 Dr Moocowz (plus bonus)

14,760 jblenkle

14,310 BydoEmpire

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5 hours ago, roadrunner said:

I haven't updated the records yet for this season


That's ok, we'll use the list as it is for this round

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Cool game, never played it before.  Reminds me a lot of Megamania, which I also really like.  Getting on the board with 14310.


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Bit of history here....Megamania was created from inspiration of AstroBlaster.

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Nothing like waiting until the last minute, especially since I like this one! All on me though for not putting the time in on it!


Astroblaster: 20110

Makeup Bonus: Pac-Man Collection (Plus, Random, Cola) : 12620




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